Agriculture Package Boxes

Agriculture Plastic Package Boxes

Agriculture Plastic Package Boxes

Corrugated plastic sheet is approved for food packaging, so they are widely used for food industry packaging.

We are professional corrugated plastic convertor and can fabricate sheets into various of reusable packing boxes for packing or transporting fruit, vegetable and sea food etc.Our food packing plastic box is good for its light weight, water proof, anti-corrosion and non-toxic so it can be recycled use with many times. It is good material to replace paper cartons or boxes.

   1. Light weight, rigid,strong and long-time durable
   2. Water 
proof,moisture resistance, excellent weather ability
   3. Chemi
calresistance, impact resistance, fade resistance
   4. Environmental friendly, recycled use,washable,
   5. Easy to fabricate, custom-made cut shape
   6. Excellent surface for paints and inks easily
   7. Cost-efficient,
economical for any end user 

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