Corrugated Plastic Package Boxes

  • Electronic Parts Package Boxes

    Electronic Parts Package Boxes

    Wefabricate specialapplications containers, includingESD (Electro Static Dischage)box and anti-staticbox, which is widely applied as packaging,storage and transportation of electronic components. As those components are very sensitive, frag...
  • Postal Turnover Plastic Boxes

    Postal Turnover Plastic Boxes

    Our corrugated plastic sheet can be fabricated into various of color, style postal turnover boxes. Postalturnoverboxhasthe following advantages: 1. Light weight, rigid,strong and long-time durable 2. Water p roof,moisture resistance, excell...
  • Agriculture Plastic Package Boxes

    Agriculture Plastic Package Boxes

    Corrugated plastic sheetis approved for food packaging, so they are widely used for food industry packaging. We are professional corrugated plastic convertor and can fabricate sheetsinto various of reusable packing boxes for packing or tran...
  • Automotive Parts Package Boxes

    Automotive Parts Package Boxes

    Our corrugated plastic sheetcan be fabricated into various of reusable packing box,shipping containers, bulk bins, which is widely used in electronic and automotive industry.Comparing with molding packing box, corrugated plasticpacking box...
  • Anti-static Plastic Package Boxes

    Anti-static Plastic Package Boxes

    Wefabricate specialapplications containers, includingESD (Electro Static Dischage)box and anti-staticbox, which is widely applied as packaging,storage and transportation of electronic components. As those components are very sensitive, frag...
  • Collapsible Plastic Package Boxes

    Collapsible Plastic Package Boxes

    Our corrugated plastic sheetcan be fabricated into various of collapsible packaging box,shipping containers, bulk bins, which is widely used in many applications; Collapsible Packaging Box has the following advantages: 1. Light weight, rigi...

Packaging made of corrugated plastic or twin wall plastic are the better alternative to packaging made of solid or corrugated cardboard. In comparison, they provide decisive advantages, for example, a considerably higher sturdiness, a reduced development of dust and excellent weather and chemical resistance. Thanks to low material thicknesses, corrugated plastic packaging is also extremely lightweight. Corrugated Plastic is an integral part of reusable, returnable, sustainable packaging. Corrugated Plastic or Plastic Corrugated started getting acknowledged as a reusable alternative for paper corrugated boxes in Europe in the late 1970’s. The United States took notice and began producing corrugated plastic in the mid 80’s. Kiva Plastics was one of the first converters to produce plastic corrugated finished product in the U.S. in the early 80’s. Originally having to import sheets from Europe until the first extrusion lines began producing sheets here in the U.S. in the mid 80’s. Corrugated Plastic has come a long way and is now manufactured with three variables. Laminated sheet, Profile sheet with a new Honeycomb or Bubble pattern now available. Corrugated Plastic Package Boxes are the smart, reusable alternative to using cardboard and often wooden packaging.  Corrugated Plastic Package Boxes outlast and outperform traditional expendable packaging such as cardboard and wood. Plus, corrugated plastic packaging is much cheaper on a cost-per-trip basis and 100% recyclable which is a must in our environmentally conscious society.  Cost-per-trip studies show that consumers can save up to 70% in normal costs related to packaging when converting from cardboard to corrugated plastic. Another attractive feature – especially in consideration of environmental and climate protection – is the use of environmentally friendly multi-use packaging. Due to the multiple use, packaging made of corrugated plastics decrease production emissions of CO2 and thus contribute to the reduction of waste. And when they are no longer used, they can be completely recycled.

Corrugated Plastic Package Boxes can be designed to mimic your current cardboard or wooden packaging.  The moving industry has started using reusable moving boxes made from corrugated plastic for rental programs. You don’t have to compromise your established “pack-out” when switching to your new sustainable, reusable corrugated plastic program.  Corrugated Plastic Package Boxes retain their strength, shape, and integrity when exposed to moisture providing superior product protection. This also improves the working environment and worker safety for employees since the Corrugated Plastic Package Boxes hold-up when cardboard boxes fail. Corrugated plastic cartons can be designed to be collapsible so they can fold flat during return shipping or any periods of non-use. Various Corrugated Plastic Package Boxes styles are available here and the material itself is available in Conductive, Anti-Static, Flame Resistant and/or UV Resistant blends.

 Corrugated Plastic Package Boxes Advantages:
* More durable than cardboard
* Cleaner than cardboard (no paper dust)
* Material is waterproof
* Lighter than many rigid plastic containers
* Reusable / Returnable – Multiple uses
* Easy to clean
* Flexible design
* Less expensive than cardboard on cost-per-trip basis
* 100% Recyclable
* More sanitary than cardboard
* Environmentally Friendly

We develop custom Corrugated Plastic Package Boxes solutions

Everplast Industrial Co.,Ltd is the leading and professional corrugated plastic sheet and various of corrugated plastic package boxes manufacturer in China. Headquartered in Beijing, China, Everplast Industrial Co.,Ltd has become an industry leader specializing in the design and manufacturing of corrugated plastic products. Our Corrugated Plastic Package Boxes line is by far the most versatile Package Boxes on the market. We have it in hundreds of sizes, dozens of style and colors, and we also make this product in custom sizes with very little upcharge. Our designs have been tested in multiple applications, in every industry, making it a cost-effective replacement for cardboard, molded plastic, and other substrates. Corrugated plastic Package Boxes provide unmatched size, style & color options, durable & lightweight design, and the ability to fit almost any distribution center and factory need.
Everplast is ISO 9001:2000 certified company, and has a controlled manufacturing environment for projects requiring a segregated work space. Everplast Corrugated plastic Package Boxes are ideal for the factory floor, parts inventory, product and document storage, and protection. Plastic corrugated boxes are a versatile solution and a cost-effective replacement for cardboard, fiberboard, molded plastic, and other substrates. Everplast can design custom corrugated plastic products, to meet your specifications, performance, and budget. Every custom order is guaranteed precise CAD modeling and CNC prototype, competitive pricing, quick lead times, dedicated service, including quality inspection, products can be screen printed and available in both, standard and custom colors.
We design and manufacture custom Corrugated Plastic Package Boxes for returnable use, or to serve as one-way packaging for products that require protection from moisture, humidity and dust. Customers trust our experienced team to design custom corrugated plastic packaging solutions that meet even the strictest requirements. Whether manufacturing reusable and returnable packaging, or specialized one-way packaging, our 35-year history and experience designing corrugated plastic solutions makes us a clear choice for your consideration. Every corrugated plastic solution begins with understanding your specific need. Let our experienced team work with you to analyze, design, and manufacture a solution that will achieve your company’s objectives. In addition, we offer multi-color graphics printing on the Corrugated plastic Package Boxes to enhance brand and selling messages. Printed information can include company logo, product information or other graphics.

Why Everplast Corrugated plastic Package Boxes?
  • Rugged durability and sustainability
  • Protects products in storage, transportation, and on production lines
  • Long service life creates return on investment (ROI)
  • Lowers the overall cost of packaging 
  • Lightweight, reusable and 100% recyclable
  • Are strong and reusable, perfect for long term use
  • Resist tears, punctures or crushing
  • Need no costly molds
  • Don’t shed or pollute the workplace with dust
  • Are easily screen-printed or labeled for easy identification
  • Fabricate easily into virtually any shape
  • Provide a natural cushion with shock-absorbing corrugation
  • Are easy to clean
Everplast Corrugated plastic Package Boxes Application:
  • Material Handling: Packaging for automated and supply chain systems
  • Protective Packaging: Impact, shock, and vibration protection for electronics, devices, instruments, tool and inventory-control in hard and display cases
  • Distribution and Transportation: Reusable and returnable packaging for storage, delivery and packing also dunnage, partitions, dividers, and sheets
  • Industrial and Manufacturing: Inventory, production control, and part protection on assembly and production lines
  • Electronics: Foam inserts for anti-static, conductive and static dissipative packaging
  • Agriculture: Harvest, storage and transport of fruit, vegetables, and nuts
Everplast Corrugated plastic Package Boxes Features:
  • Impact, water, and chemical resistant
  • Durable in cold and humid environments
  • Fiber and dust free
  • Lightweight for lower transportation costs and easier handling
  • Reusable and 100% recyclable
  • Available in standard colors: red, yellow, green, blue, black, white, grey, and natural, as well as custom plastic colors, with option to add custom logos and graphics.
No matter how large, heavy or sensitive the components that need to be packed, we develop solutions that are specially tailored to the needs and requirements of your product and the related processes. WE ARE COMMITTED TO TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION FROM INQUIRY, TO DESIGN AND PRODUCTION, THROUGH ON-TIME DELIVERY - WE ARE A DEPENDABLE PARTNER YOU CAN RELY ON.

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