Our Corrugated Plastic Sheet,Twinwall Plastic Sheet,Fluted Polypropylene Sheet,Corflute Sheet,Plastic Package Box are widely used in many fields:

1. Industrial Product Packaging Turnover: electronic components packaging turnover box, plastic turnover box, box clapboard knife, anti-static conductive hollow board turnover box, hollow board turnover box.gift boxes, food packing, transfer box, mailbox, display rack, partition, etc
2. Luggage and Handbags’ Pallets: luggage lining, bags plates, partitions.
3. Container industry: glass bottle factory plate, bottle holder, canned product separator, tank support plate.
4. Machinery Industry: machine cushion plate.
5. Sign and Advertising Industry: PP hollow board display box, display rack, advertising board, corona board,sign board, exhibition board, brand mark, light box board picture frame backing, etc.
6. Home Decoration: ceiling, grille, toilet partition,
7. Furniture Industry: tea table, padding board, furniture decorative board.
8. Agriculture Industry: all kinds of fruit boxes, vegetable packing boxes, pesticide packing boxes, food packing boxes, beverage packing boxes and greenhouse roof top.
9. Sports Products: smart blackboard, file bag.
10. Automobile industry: steering wheel backing plate, vehicle end bulkhead, shim plate.
11. Electrical industry: refrigerators, washing machines, backplane, partitions.
12. Construction & Building Industry( as  protection board: Partition, wall cladding, indoor or outdoor decoration, protection board of flooring,wall windows and ceiling board, etc. 
Protective board, use to protect the facility before buy-off, for example: escalator, floor, etc.
13. Industrial Usage Board( including wire/cable wrapping, glass/steel board wrapping, cushion, rack, clapboard, padding board, luggage carrier, separating board, baseboard, cross board, etc)
14. Others:  baby carrier plate, children’s intelligent hurdles.Backboard of bassinet, simple wardrobe, etc.