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Reusable corrugated plastic containers, totes, trays, and inserts from Everplast Industrial Co.,Ltd are the most widely used in the market. Everplast’s corrugated plastic containers have hundreds of sizes, dozens of styles and colors, and we can also customize the dimensions without the case of small extra costs. Customized dimensions, functions, accessories, boards and colors can be provided according to the requirements. Ask our logo and printing! Welcome to the dealer for consultation.

Corrugated, or fluted, plastic is used to form containers in a wide range of designs, styles, features, and benefits. Tough and durable, corrugated plastic containers are suitable for various operating needs. The resin materials for these containers can be ESD (static discharge) safety and flame retardants, which meet the requirements of UL 94 HB flame retardant grade. We have more than 30 million trash cans in hundreds or even thousands of industries around the world. Corrugated plastic containers are resistant to tear and puncture. They can also resist falling off, mold, water and oil. In addition, they are easy to clean.


Common use of Corrugated plastic containers

Repeated and recyclable trash can effectively promote, pull, stack, storage, storage, palletting, transportation and transport products in other ways. They organize and protect products, whether in your factory and/or outside. The container is completely customized. Their size and shape can be adjusted according to your logistics requirements. We also know that correct accessories make our containers more useful. That’s why we provide a large number of products to provide accessories for your Corrugated plastic containers. By the way, the attachment of the container is also customized. Our corrugated plastic containers ranging from 20 to 150 pounds. They have 5 standard colors and any custom color you may need. Discuss with Everplast team how we meet your special needs today. We also provide partitions and pads to make our ripple plastic containers more convenient and useful. Check the impressive customer list on our homepage, check it in person!