2018 Latest Google SEO Statistics about Plastic Package Boxes

Everplast Industrial Co.,Ltd is the leading and professional corrugated plastic sheet and various of corrugated Plastic Package Boxes manufacturer in China. Headquartered in Beijing, China, Everplast Industrial Co.,Ltd has become an industry leader specializing in the design and manufacturing of corrugated plastic products. Our Corrugated Plastic Package Boxes line is by far the most versatile Package Boxes on the market.

As a Plastic Package Boxes expert, Everplast today would like to share the 2018 latest SEO Statistics about the keyword Plastic Package Boxes, please see the form below:

Search terms Results Avg. monthly searches  Competition  Suggested bid 
plastic package boxes 98,600,000 1300 High CN¥0.88

Above are the key Google SEO statistics of Plastic Package Boxes on 24th, February, 2018. We can know from them that this keyword is not easy to do the Search Engine Optimization. Because:

1.    the search result of the keyword is close to 100,000,000,
2.     the Avg. monthly searches is more than 1000.
3.     the Competition of the keyword is High
However, the Suggested Bid is cheap, which is less than CN¥0.88. 

Thus, we estimated that the keyword SEO difficulty of Plastic Package Boxes should be more than 60%.