The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Fluted Polypropylene Sheet

As one of the most professional and experienced Fluted Polypropylene Sheet factory in China, Everplast always received clients questions before inquiry. Today we are going to share some most frequently asked questions about fluted Polypropylene Sheet with you:

1.Can polypropylene sheets be recycled?
Yes they can, as long as they’re recycled with other polypropylene resin materials. Polypropylene sheets can be recycled with any other materials that have this symbol.

2.Do Polypropylene sheets resist tearing?
Sort of. All Polyolefin sheets will stretch a bit before they break.

3.Are our HDPE and Polypropylene sheets biodegradable?
No, they are not. The only biodegradable film product we offer is acetate film and sheets.

4.Do polypropylene sheets (PP) have good insulation properties?
Yes, but not as good as those of polyester film products. PP sheets are not as heat-resistant, but hold up very well in cold temperatures.

5.Do HDPE and Polypropylene sheets have good electrical properties?
 No. Electricity generates heat, but because of polyolefin’s low melting point, you want to keep this material away from elevated temperatures. For electrical applications, we recom-mend our Hazy DuraLar TM polyester film products. Please contact us today and we can help you with your requirements.

6. Are polypropylene sheets approved for direct skin contact?
Although polypropylene is perfectly safe for direct and indirect skin contact, it is not certified as such.

If there are no question about fluted Polypropylene Sheet that you want to ask above, please feel free to send email to ask us, the email address is : [email protected].